Real Time COVID- 19  Tracker

On March 11, 2020, COVID-19 officially became a Pandemic. In its wake, there is a growing story of human suffering, tragedy, and economic crisis. 

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Our communities, and society in general, need a little inspiration. People are disillusioned. Many of us are out of work. Many are quarantined. All of us are affected.  

Not everyone can work in the medical field, deliver packages or operate essential businesses to keep the supply chain flowing. 

However, some of us have unique artistic skills and creative abilities that can heal minds and keep communities united. 

PACC- 19 is a Collective of Designers, Artists, Producers, Technologists and Philanthropists that have "assembled" in response to COVID-19.

It has been created to shine light on the enduring quality of the human spirit, through the Arts. Art is unique among Humans. No other lifeform can imagine and produce Art. It is our Artistic abilities that inspire, breaks down barriers to bring us together.  

Make a Statement - As a Performing Artist, you will not only be recognized for your efforts now, in real time, but in the future you will have shared your voice with others to inspire our communities. 

There are no costs involved. Your contribution is Art. 


The visionary Helen Keller once said “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. This is the essence of our "Live Broadcast" With PACC-19 Your viewership and network should increase substantially. Together we can do so much.

This "Live" broadcast Production features a variety of Art, with a general COVID-19 theme. "Live" Performance are curated on our meticulously disinfected stages and using Socially Distance protocols. Other elements include "Live" remote feeds from other regions, making this production truly unique: 

  • Spoken word

  • Visual art

  • Music / Performing Arts

  • Electronic Art

  • Recorded Phone Recordings / Public Service Announcements

Pre recorded "commercial" spots will featured from well known celebrities, sports stars, and industry professionals. Behind the scenes there is overwhelming support. But, we want to hear from people all over the world. This will be very entertaining.

Live Broadcasting: 

Saturday 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Central Standard Time

Philanthropy & Funding - if you cannot support PACC-19 with Artistic Elements, please support us through funding.


Funding for Artists and the Support System is the Foundation's "End Game". Those able to support through funding are also Rock Stars! You are doing your part.

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